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Hargeisa Capital City

Hargeisa is the capital of the Republic of Somaliland and a business traveler’s destination in East Africa. It is a peaceful and friendly city with just under a million inhabitants. Although there is very little tourism, the city has good transportation links with other East African cities, making it a suitable destination for business travelers.

To get to Hargeisa, visitors can fly into Hargeisa International Airport, which connects the city to various locations in East Africa, including Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Dubai, Mogadishu, and Nairobi. Visitors should note that a Somaliland visa is required for foreign travelers and can be obtained at the Somaliland representative offices in Addis Ababa or London. It is advisable to have your onward travel plans arranged and visas in hand before traveling to Hargeisa, as there is very little diplomatic representation in the city.

Once in Hargeisa, business travelers can use the informal shared bus service to get around the city, which costs 1,500 Somaliland shillings per journey. Taxis can also be booked through hotels, but they are relatively expensive. Visitors should note that women must wear long dresses or skirts to the ankle and must cover their hair and upper arms at all times, while men should avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless t-shirts.

While in Hargeisa, business travelers can stay connected through the city’s Internet access available at the airport departure lounge and various hotels. Business meetings can be arranged in the hotels or restaurants, which serve traditional Somali cuisine and international dishes. The city does not have a postal service, but DHL provides courier services.

In conclusion, Hargeisa is a peaceful and friendly city that offers good transportation links and a suitable environment for business travelers. Visitors should have their visas and onward travel plans arranged in advance and should follow the cultural dress code to avoid offending locals.